About Snark

Snark Launch is a decentralized launchpad on the zkSync blockchain for new blockchain projects.

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What does it do

It launches new blockchain projects on the zkSync network while also giving new blockchain projects opportunities to accelerate their growth phrase

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A new era

ZkSync Era is a Layer-2 protocol that utilizes cutting-edge ZK technology to scale Ethereum

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What Snark Launch does?

Snark Launch is a powerful decentralized launchpad platform that is built on the zkSync blockchain. It is specifically designed to allow new and innovative blockchain projects to be launched on the network while providing significant growth opportunities for these projects. With Snark Launch, users can participate in any of the launches, as long as they hold a set amount of SNRK tokens, which gives them the benefit of investing in a project at its early stages and an early token price discount.

In addition to enabling new blockchain projects to be launched, Snark Launch also acts as a bridge between investors looking for new trending projects to invest in and those new projects looking for a platform to launch and scale their tokens quickly and easily. With its easy-to-use interface and advanced features, Snark Launch is quickly becoming the go-to platform for innovative blockchain projects looking to get off the ground and reach their full potential

Q2 2023

  • New UI Designs
  • New Partners
  • New Website
  • IDO Testnet
  • Snark Insurance Dashboard
  • DAO Governance Dashboard
  • Team Details revealed
  • Swap Page
  • Cross-Chain Bridge Page
  • Liquidity Provider incentive program
  • Private Token Sale
  • Public IDO Token Sale
  • Token Listing/Launch
  • Begin Affiliate Earnings System

Q3 2023

  • Staking Dashboard
  • Start Snark Pools
  • Airdrop Vesting Distribution (KOLs, Rewards, and Contributors)
  • Start development Snark Launch Governance
  • Host Public IDO sale for other early zkSync projects on the Snark platform

Q4 2023

  • Investment Dashboard with AI Integration
  • Huge Marketing Campaign
  • Exchange Listings

Q1 - Q2 2024

  • Snark Ecosystem Expansion
  • Initiate Buy-Back Program
  • Initiate Token Burn Smart Contract

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